7 Things You Should Know…

7 Things You Should Know…before you employ a Scaffold company:

1. Get three references
The best way to check on a company is to ask those who have used them. Topdeck Scaffolding will happily provide you with phone numbers or written references for any of our past jobs.

2. Make sure the proposed scaffolding company is a member of an industry body
Topdeck Scaffolding is a member of the Master Builders Association.

3. Insurances, it’s the law
Topdeck Scaffolding has Public Liability insurance to $20 million, and workers compensation insurance for all its employees.

4. Quality – get them to prove it
Given that you and your subcontractor are going to be relying on the scaffold to provide a safe place of work, it is imperative that the quality of the scaffold materials and design are up to scratch. Topdeck’s Safe Work Method Statement is in accordance with best safety practice and we will only install quality galvanized Kwikstage scaffolding. The safety of your worksite will never be compromised by rusted or old second hand painted scaffold.

5. Safety Counts:
Ask for proof of competency for the scaffolders who will be doing the work. Scaffolders should carry Scaffold Tickets and White Card on-site for each job.

6. Get a written quote – a good one
Always check the following:- The Dimensions are correct for your site; The number of lifts of a scaffold that are included; The period of hire; If ladder or stair access is included; Whether shade cloth or chain mesh is included if required. Any reputable company will want to visit the site first or have detailed drawings before committing to a final quotation. Topdeck Scaffolding quotations are exactly what it will cost, if it takes us longer to erect or dismantle the scaffold, from no fault of the client, we then wear the cost, not the client. Your investment includes all public liability insurance, Workers Compensation insurance, and all our scaffolders are paid the correct rates of pay as per the NSW Government regulations. Make sure that all quotations state that handover certificates and Safe Work Method statements will be provided in accordance with Work Cover Australia requirements. Topdeck Scaffolding abides by the legal requirements for scaffolding enforced by Work Cover.

7. How much do you pay?
It is important to remember how important the scaffold is to your project. You are trusting the wellbeing of everyone on your site to its correct installation and proper construction. It is a lot easier and cheaper for a scaffolding company to carry out a sub-standard installation, using untrained, uninsured staff with inferior work practices and equipment. Although a cheap job may be tempting now, it may cost a whole lot more in the long run. Generally, the price of scaffolding reflects the quality of the materials used, the competency of the scaffolders and the levels of after-sales service. Make sure you are comparing prices of a scaffold that are the same and not vastly different.