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Scaffolding Off Hire

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When you have finished with the scaffold, you must contact Topdeck Scaffolding by phone, email to off-hire the scaffold.  Topdeck Scaffolding will not dismantle the scaffolding unless an off-hire number has been issued.Topdeck Scaffolding will email an off-hire number for your records.  If you have not received an off-hire number, please contact the office on 02 9979 5914.

Off Hires received before 12 noon on business days will be off hired the same day.  Off Hires received after 12 noon will be off hired the next business day.  If you are off hiring after 12 noon on Friday or on the Weekend, the scaffold will be off hired on Monday.

Topdeck Scaffolding requires a minimum of 10 days’ notification before the intended dismantle date.  Once off hired, Topdeck Scaffolding could come the next business day to dismantle the scaffold, if Topdeck Scaffolding is denied access to the site then the scaffold will be put back on hire.

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